Car Repair

Car RepairThe importance of choosing the correct car repair service should be given almost the same thought as choosing your car in the first place, and so some of the most important things to consider when investigating the options are described under the headings below.


You don't want a mechanic who will take two weeks to fix the simplest problem, so make sure to read some online reviews of any service you use, and talk to friends, family and other customers to investigate their experience with the speed of the service. You may want to investigate any rush or priority options your garage has to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, often for a small charge of course. Despite the greater cost of using the priority option, it can be a lifesaver when a failure catches you off guard just at the time you have something important scheduled!


Although your business may cover the cost of any repairs to your vehicle, cost is still an issue when selecting the appropriate garage to perform repairs. Taking a look at the website or making a phone call to the garage can save some embarrassment, and will go a long way to avoid a shockingly large bill for mediocre service when the repairs are complete. Make sure to be fully aware of the upfront costs, and to investigate any hidden costs before making a commitment to a particular mechanic.

Breakdown Cover

What happens if you get stuck in the countryside miles from civilisation? If you are left stranded with an inoperable vehicle, will your mechanic tow your car from your location, and will this incur an extra charge? A good value breakdown cover plan and recovery service is an absolute must if you are to avoid being caught without a vehicle for long periods, and could save you hours of being stranded miles from anywhere.

Courtesy Car

Sometimes a fault is so serious that you have no choice but to leave your car with the mechanic for a considerable period of time. If this happens, what are your options until the vehicle is returned? Some higher-end mechanics will provide a courtesy car service, often for a small charge, to get you from A to B when your main source of transportation is out of action. This is a fantastic service to have at your disposal, and can really bail you out of some tricky scheduling situations when car troubles start.

Length of Guarantee

While most people never experience any residual problems after a repair, those who do are always glad of their mechanic's guarantee. The guarantee can be your salvation when something goes wrong, and even if you don't have a courtesy car available on your plan, the manufacturer will likely supply you with one in the event of a mechanical failure they have caused. The length of guarantee can tell you a lot about the faith the mechanics have in their work, and so choosing a garage with a reasonably long guarantee will pay dividends later, both in the event that something goes go wrong, and in the quality of the work that is put into your car.


While it's great to have a mechanic in your home town who can work on your car when you're nearby, who's to say that your car won't break down while working in a completely different part of the country? While everyone loves to have a mechanic who is close to home, it is often wise to consider finding an alternative garage before travelling any great distance, on the off chance that something will happen while at your destination. Having the details of a garage in each of your destinations is definitely the best strategy, and will save you huge amounts of trouble should the unthinkable happen while in an unfamiliar area.

When considering a car repair service for your vehicle, don't leave it too late to find the most appropriate venue for your needs. Make sure and investigate the car mechanics and repair services in your area before any problems arise, so you'll always be prepared, and have your car back in no time!