The UK's Top Classic Car Brands

The UK's Top Classic Car BrandsBritish cars may not have the reputation for power like their American counterparts, nor the precision engineering and safety of their Germanic cousins, but for class and craftsmanship nothing beats the luxury of a classic British car.


Showing off a lot of engine space and a bucket seat for two, this finely sculptured roadster from the 1940's gives the impression that it's made for racing. American GIs loved it enough to start having them shipped overseas to North America. The MG is most noteworthy for the influence it had on later models of American hot rods.

Rolls Royce

The quintessential British car, the Rolls Royce has been symbolic of wealth and aristocracy since it was introduced over a hundred years ago. Many models have been launched, and although the form has changed over the years, a modern Rolls Royce can still be identified by its iconic grill and emblem. Models such as the Silver Ghost or the Silver Cloud are etched in the public memory not only because they were often seen carrying famous celebrities and royalty, but also because they were well built enough to be on the road for decades. Indeed, Rolls Royce has a reputation for being one of the best crafted vehicles ever created.

Aston Martin

This is the car that made James Bond cool. The Aston Martin is a premium sports car, with a powerful engine and remarkable acceleration. The vehicle handles so well that it feels like an extension of the driver's own body. Despite the many Aston Martins still on the road, collectors find this vehicle almost impossible to acquire. The car's popularity and owner loyalty make demand for this car so high that many people wait and hope for years before they are able to finally purchase an Aston Martin.

Bentley Continental

Popular among tycoons and the nouveau riche, the Bentley has always been representative of the kind of wealth that comes from business success. Unlike the privileged image of the Rolls Royce, the Bentley conveys the success of a self-made man. A hard working, high performing vehicle, the Bentley can reach top speeds of over a hundred miles in seconds but still has a decadent interior with plenty of space to enjoy a comfortable ride.


When the classic "Jag" first hit the market, it got mixed reviews. Enthusiasts consider it one of the most beautiful cars ever made and drivers looked forward to testing its reported top speed of one hundred and fifty miles per hour. But Jaguar's high performance image faltered as reviewers found that the car frequently had defects ranging from faulty wiring to inconsistent speed performance. Today, most Jaguars on the road have had their problems resolved and collectors seek out the vehicle for its exquisite beauty.

Mini Cooper

First sold in 1959 as a fuel efficient alternative to heavier models, the Mini Cooper soon became an icon of hippie counter culture. It was the car of choice for celebrities like Paul McCartney. This tiny vehicle was dwarfed by everything else on the road, making it the practical option for drivers looking for an easy car to park and manoeuvre through busy urban streets. In recent times, the classic mini cooper has become popular among young hipsters who consider owning one to be a mark of prestige.

Land Rover

The Land Rover stands out among British vehicles by sacrificing beauty and elegance for durability. Known for its off-road reliability, the Land Rover is the perfect vehicle for driving on the beach, up dirt roads or around the estate. It is also an ideal security vehicle, often being modified with armour plating and bullet proof glass for transporting key public figures or for use in areas where safety is a major concern.